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COVID-19 Business Resources and Survey

Call the Community Information Line at 919-463-7065 or email with non-emergency questions about issues specific to the Town of Morrisville.

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  • Budget

    • How is the budget developed?

    • What is Morrisville's Ad Valorem Tax Rate?

    • What is Morrisville's total budget?

  • Engineering

    • I would like to learn more about Stormwater...

    • What can I do if I witness illegal dumping into the Town’s storm drains?

    • What should I do if I have a drainage concern?

    • When is a permit/inspection required?

  • Finance

    • How do I find out about future business opportunities within the Town?

    • How do I pay for a parking ticket?

    • How do I start water and sewer service in Morrisville?

    • Who do I pay for false alarm billings or civil citations?

    • Who takes permit payments?

  • Fire

    • Can I volunteer with your department?

    • Can someone talk to my office employees about Fire Prevention?

    • How can I sign up for a home safety evaluation?

    • Is open burning allowed in Morrisville town limits?

    • What does it take to become a Firefighter?

    • Where can I get my child safety seat inspected?

  • Human Resources

    • How can I check the status of my application?

    • How can I confirm that my application was received?

    • How do I reset my username/password?

    • How many employees does Morrisville have?

    • I am required to complete community service hours. Can I do this with the Town of Morrisville?

    • What is the hiring process for filling open positions?

  • Inspections

    • Can I get my inspection results online?

    • Can I, as homeowner, do my own work?

    • What building code is enforced in the Town of Morrisville?

    • What documents are required for a commercial project submittal?

    • What is the plan review turnaround time for commercial projects?

    • When is a Building Permit required?

  • Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources

    • Can I register for classes online?

    • What if I am requesting a refund due to medical hardship?

    • What is your refund & cancellation policy?

    • Where do I need to go to rent a field, shelter, or classroom?

  • Planning

    • Are food trucks required to obtain a permit?

    • How do I learn about the development review process?

    • How do I obtain a sign permit?

    • What am I allowed to build on a piece of property and what is it's Zoning District?

    • What was approved in Current Planning in 2018?

    • Where can I find out what's under construction or planned to be built in Morrisville?

  • Police

    • How do I pay or appeal a parking violation?

    • I am thinking of moving to Morrisville. How can I find out what kind of Police reports have been taken in the neighborhood?

    • I need to be fingerprinted for employment or background purposes. Where can this be done?

    • I received a Citation. Can I reschedule the court appearance date?

    • I was involved in a traffic crash. How can I get a copy of the report?

    • My home/business has a security system. Do I need to register with the police and are there any fees?

    • Occasionally, I see things that are suspicious or unusual. I don't know if I should call the Police or what would happen if I did. Can you tell me about the procedure?

    • What do I do if am stopped by a police officer?

    • What if I am involved in a traffic crash?

    • When do I call 911?

    • Who do I call about an animal complaint?

  • Public Works

    • How can I dispose of unwanted furniture or other bulky items?

    • How can I remember when my trash, recycling, and yard waste will be picked up?

    • How do I get an additional trash cart?

    • I am a new Morrisville resident. How do I sign up for solid waste services and obtain a trash container and a recycle bin?

    • I purchased a recycling cart from a vendor other than the Town of Morrisville. Can I use it?

    • If I have an emergency and do not get my trash or recycling to the curb for pickup, do I have any option other than waiting for the next week or sharing with a friendly neighbor?

    • What can and cannot be picked up as yard waste?

    • What can and cannot be recycled?

    • What can and cannot be thrown into my trash cart?

    • What do I do if either my trash, my recycling, or my yard waste was placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. but was not picked up on my scheduled day?

    • What do I do if my trash container or my recycle bin is damaged or is missing?

    • What do I do with my trash cart and my recycle bin or cart if I move?

    • Where should I place my rolling trash container and my recycle bin or cart for pick-up?

    • Why have I not received a bill for my trash and recycling service?

    • Will Waste Industries pick up extra bags outside of my rolling trash container or extra recyclables outside of my recycling bin/cart?