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Proclamation Request

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Proclamation requests must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the Council Meeting/event date for presentation.  Any requests not meeting the specified guidelines, may receive a letter in lieu of proclamation at Council's discretion.  Letters are issued by the Mayor and Town Council. 

All requests will be reviewed for compliance and you will be notified if your Proclamation request is approved.  Incomplete information may result in a delay of your request.  The original proclamation will be issued to the requestor at no cost, and if read at a Council meeting, presented there. Proclamations must be picked up at Town Hall unless other arrangements are made.

Please review the guidelines below.  

a. Proclamations may be presented, rather than read aloud, at the discretion of the Town Council.

i. ALL members of Town Council are able to present proclamations.
ii. If a member of Town Council requests a proclamation recognizing an individual, he/she will present that proclamation at the appropriate time.

 b. Proclamations may be requested for presentation outside of a regularly scheduled meeting if a request is made in advance to the Town Clerk’s Office. Outside meeting presentation requests will be made at the discretion of Town Council.

c. Proclamations will only be issued for Town of Morrisville residents or events.

d. Proclamation requests from Town Advisory Boards/Committees or affiliated members must be submitted in accordance with established guidelines. 

e. Annual or other repeat requests must be submitted in writing for each occasion in accordance with established guidelines. There is no guarantee that proclamations will automatically be renewed.

i. Town of Morrisville staff will establish a schedule to regularly recognize recurring holidays, themes, or events.

f. Proclamations will not be issued for commercial purposes, such as a new business opening, a new service, a new product, a new professional service or other commercial endorsement.

g. Only one proclamation per year may be issued per organization. Requests may not be duplicated.

h. The Town of Morrisville reserves the right to accept, modify or decline any request regardless of whether it was previously accommodated.

i. Proclamations will not be issued taking sides in political matters, addressing personal convictions, campaigns or events.

j. Proclamations will not be backdated and must be requested for a prospective event or acknowledgement.

k. Final clause of proclamation will specifically name sponsor, i.e. individual council member, who requested proclamation.

l. All proclamations issued will be shared with Town Council prior to issuance and kept on file with the Town Clerk.

m. Town Council Members, including the Mayor, may individually issue up to two (2) proclamations annually, recognizing outstanding, positive achievements and contributions to the Morrisville community.

i. These recognitions should focus on lifetime contributions to the Town of Morrisville or a specific act within the 12 months preceding the award issuance.
ii. Recipient must have lived or worked within the Town of Morrisville for at least 12 consecutive months to be eligible.
iii. Elected Federal, State, or Local Representatives (while holding office), candidates for elected office and current Town of Morrisville employees are not eligible for recognition.
iv. Recipients may only be recognized once within a 5-year period.
v. Individual recognition proclamations will not be distributed during Town Council meetings.
vi. If any recommended recipient does not meet the criteria, the sponsoring council member must seek approval of the full Town Council prior to issuance.

n. The Town Clerk will maintain an electronic file of ALL proclamations issued by both the Mayor and Town Council and share via bi-annual report with Town Council.



Requestor Contact Information:

Requestor Contact Information:
Will you be in attendance to receive the Proclamation when presented at the meeting date you have indicated above?  If you select "Announced Only", your proclamation will not be presented, and will be mailed to address you have provided.
Will you be in attendance to receive the Proclamation when presented at the meeting date you have indicated above? If you select "Announced Only", your proclamation will not be presented, and will be mailed to address you have provided.

Requested Proclamation Title (specific information to be proclaimed, i.e. name, day, week of, etc.):

Please provide draft Proclamation text below.  Include facts about the subject matter and a maximum of six (6) "whereas" clauses.