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Electoral Residency District Maps

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The 2019 elections for Morrisville Town Council will be held on November 5, 2019. Districts 1, 3 and an At-large seat are up for election. District 2 seat is now vacant, due to the resignation of the Town Council member who held that seat. Candidate filing begins July 5th and ends July 19th. More information can be found at Wake County Board of Elections

District Designations

District Map District 1 - 2019 Election Cycle

  • Breckenridge Area
  • Portions North of Morrisville Parkway
  • West of Davis Drive

District 2 - 2021 Election Cycle

  • Kitts Creek Area
  • Providence Place Area
  • Portion of Town Hall Commons
  • North of McCrimmon Parkway/West of Church Street

District 3 - 2019 Election Cycle

  • Preston Area
  • Weston Area

District 4 - 2021 Election Cycle

  • Savannah
  • Ridgemont
  • Addison Park
  • Grace Park
  • Carpenter Park
  • Downing Glen
  • East of Church Street

Electoral Districting Process

The Town of Morrisville conducted a Special Census in 2015, which confirmed the town’s population had grown to 23,699, a 27.5% increase over the 18,576 population in 2010. This equates to 5,123 additional people who have moved to our community since 2010. Existing district maps were drawn based on the 2010 population. The most significant growth is in the northwest part of town (Kitts Creek, Providence Place & the Church Street area), and resulted in unbalanced districts. After reviewing this information in January 2016, Town Council directed staff to update maps to rebalance the four geographical residency districts. Town Council approved the following general parameters to guide how districts should be redrawn, and were used as the guidelines for redistricting:

  • Reshape existing boundaries with movement between districts (in lieu of starting from scratch).
  • As much as possible, achieve neighborhood alignment, while recognizing that census blocks can vary significantly in size and cannot be split. Geographic alignment and recognition of specific landmarks would not be used to design districts.
  • District representation would vary no more than 10% from the average population. District maps at a 5% variance and as close to the average population as possible were also prepared for Town Council review.

Using these guidelines, staff prepared 3 draft maps and presented to Council in August 2016 – one with a 10% variance in population between the Districts, one with a 5% variation, and one “Closest to Average” map. These maps were shared with the public in community meetings and request for on-line comments in September and October. At the October 25 meeting, Council adopted the “Closest to Average” Map. This results in 4 districts with approximately 5,900 residents each. Designation of Districts 1-4 was finalized in January 2017, to coordinate with the municipal election cycle.

This “Closest to Average” map, shown on the front page, will be used for Town elections until 2021. At that time, lines will likely be redrawn following the 2020 Decennial Census.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and why were changes made to the district map? 

In January 2017, the Morrisville Town Council approved a new electoral residency district map for the Town. The map more equally splits each district according to population. This document provides you with information about the process that was used to make the changes and how they affect you.

While some districts may look geographically larger than others, this map reflects the most even distribution of residents based on our current population. Factors such as airport overlay, and more commercially based areas in town effect the size and shape of each district.

Please note that residents in the unincorporated areas within Morrisville are not eligible to vote or file for office in Morrisville elections. When incorporated in the future, those voters will fall within the respective Electoral Residency District.

How does this affect me as a voter?

There is no material change for you as a voter. You will continue to vote for all seats that are up for election, regardless of where you live within municipal Town limits. All Council members are elected by and represent all citizens - not just the district they live in.

Where do I find out what district I live in?

You can visit to find out what district you reside in. You can also find other voter information, such as whether you are registered, early voting dates and your polling location.


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