Important Updates:

Call the Community Information Line at 919-463-7065 or email with non-emergency questions about issues specific to the Town of Morrisville.  Visit here for information about Safer At Home Phase 2.

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What is an Oops Card?

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You might see an 'Oops Card' in or on your trash or recycle cart if there was a problem servicing your address. Below are some reasons why you would see an 'Oops Card':

If the cart was contaminated....

What is considered contamination?

  • Yard waste in the trash or recycle cart
  • Items too large for the cart
  • Items not approved for the landfill
  • Items not approved for recycle

If there were materials left outside the cart....

  • Only items placed inside the cart will be collected.
  • Extra bags of waste regularly set beside the cart will not be collected.

If the cart was obstructed....

  • If the cart was not placed at the curb OR was obstructed by another object.
  • Carts must have at least 3 feet clearance from cars, trees and other objects.

Cart Use Reminders

  • Have your cart at the curb by 7 am on your trash/recycle day.
  • Roll your cart back from the curb once it has been emptied.
  • Keep the lid closed.
  • Flatten what you can to save space
  • Make sure all trash is in a bag!

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 919-463-7070.