Parking Enforcement

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In order to maintain a high level of safety in Morrisville, parking ordinances were changed. The changes went into effect on July 1, 2017 with warnings being issued until August 15, 2017. If in violation of a Town parking ordinance, officers will issue a parking ticket for the offense. While this ticket is not an official citation, failure to pay the associated fine by the due date will result in late fees and potential court action.

The following violations may result in a civil penalty of $15-$100:

  • Over marked lines (double parking)
  • Parking on Sidewalk
  • Within 25 feet of Intersection
  • Crosswalk Violation
  • No Parking This Side of Street
  • No Parking Zone
  • Parking in Bicycle Lane Marked ‘No Parking’
  • Blocking Driveway
  • 15 Feet of Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Lane Violation
  • Handicap Parking Zone
  • Parking Left Side of Curb


To make an online payment for a Town of Morrisville issued parking violation, follow the link below.

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If you received a TOM parking ticket and wish to appeal your violation, you must submit the Parking Appeals Form to the Police Department within 10 business days of issuance. All appeals will be adjudicated by members of the Public Safety Committee during regular session. Please visit their web page for schedule information.