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Lock It Or Lose It

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The Morrisville Police Department has announced the Lock It or Lose It publicMORRISVILLE LOCK IT 3 awareness campaign, providing the public with easy-to-remember tips that could help prevent nearly all vehicle break-ins.

“Locking your car sounds obvious, but more than 80% of thefts happen when people leave their cars unlocked. Simply locking your vehicle and removing valuables such as GPS and mobile devices, laptops, shopping bags, money, and credit cards can go a long way in deterring criminal activities,” says Morrisville Police Detective Ellerbe. “As the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping begins, we want to remind you to ‘lock it or lose it.’”

This year’s Lock It or Lose It campaign is going on now to remind residents and visitors to stay vigilant now and throughout the year. During the Lock It or Lose It campaign, Officers from the Morrisville Police Department will increase patrols and offer in-person tips to those in shopping centers and residential areas. Officers will be handing out brochures with tips to keep your valuables safe.  Signs have also been installed at the Park West Village shopping center, and the Breckenridge and Kitts Creek neighborhoods to raise awareness. Additional signs will be added over the next few months.

The Morrisville Police Department offers the following tips to help prevent you from being a victim:

  • Park under street lights or in well-lit areas.
  • Close windows. Close the sun-roof or convertible top.
  • Gather all valuable items such as sunglasses, electronics, wallets, and shopping bags. Take important identifying documents with you. Identity thieves can use these to secure credit card accounts, lease vehicles, or secure a loan or mortgage against victims’ properties without their knowledge.
  • Lock your vehicle, before you walk away from it.
  • Take all your keys with you. Never leave your keys inside the vehicle—even for a short period of time. Avoid leaving cars running with keys in the ignition, even if the car is locked. Don't keep a spare key in a spot hidden on your vehicle.

“If you must keep valuables in the car, lock these in the trunk prior to arriving at your destination. Criminals are more likely to break into your trunk if they notice you placing valuables within them once you are parked,” says Detective Ellerbe.