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Chill Morrisville Community Program

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FB ChillTraffic Safety Initiative

The daily morning and evening commute through Morrisville certainly tests all drivers’ patience. We all need to get to work, drop off the kids at school, or make other appointments on time. Most often, we do not experience any problems, however there may be someone that is not willing to wait, drives recklessly, and endangers the rest of us. These aggressive drivers break several traffic offenses in an effort to get to their destination at the risk of crashing or being stopped by the police. They really need to just "chill" out and be patient like the rest of us sitting in traffic.

How does it work?

Drive SafelyWe have initiated the Chill Morrisville Community Program. It is an educational effort to reduce traffic crashes by identifying aggressive drivers. If you see someone driving in a reckless manner, call 911 and be prepared to answer some questions about the driver. If we are able, we will try to get an officer to stop the car before they leave the Town limits, or reach their destination in Morrisville. If we can’t get an officer there in time, you can fill in their information here on our website and we will send the registered owner a letter concerning the complaint, signed by the Chief of Police.

A warning letter is their chance to improve driving behavior without further intervention from the police department. With your continued safe driving and help with identifying these dangerous drivers, we hope to reduce crashes and get the word out that careless and reckless driving is not an acceptable behavior.

Report an Aggressive Driver