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Speed Watch & Radar Trailer

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Speed Watch

What is Speed Watch?

Speed Watch is a program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding. It is an education program designed to raise public awareness of the actual speeds drivers are traveling. Drivers get instant feedback of their speed from the radar trailer or other portable speed sign, displayed on the reader board as they pass by. Through the use of computerized data collection, the Morrisville Police Department is able to obtain driving information from those motorists that go by a mobile radar station.


Speed Watch helps address traffic and speeding problems through:

  • Public and community awareness
  • Gathering speed related data
  • Police awareness

Speed Watch is a Community/Police Crime Prevention Program that offers a challenge to neighbors to help address the issue of speeding in their neighborhood. It also:

  • Provides data to police, schools and communities regarding traffic flow problems, traffic speeds, etc.
  • Saves communities money through evaluated allocation of police enforcement
  • Saves neighbors money and indignation by avoidance of speeding tickets

The Speed Watch program will entail posting the most current activity at a specific location onto the Town of Morrisville Police Department's website. It is our objective to take this data and combine it with enforcement action in problematic areas to reduce the instances of speeding in your neighborhoods.

Radar Trailer/Speed Measuring Devices

How They Work

radar trailerOur radar trailer was purchased by way of grant money from the Governor's Highway Safety Program. It was purchased in April of 2003. It is manufactured by MPH Industries Inc. It has a directional sensing radar unit on board which only displays the speeds of vehicles that are moving toward the trailer. The display is 25" and flashes when a car is traveling five mph or more over the posted speed limit. It is also equipped with amber strobe lights on the side that activate when a vehicle is traveling 10 mph or more over the posted limit.

radar trailer 2There is an additional onboard computer that collects data from the trailer. This data can tell us the highest, lowest, and median speeds that are measured during a trailer deployment. It is also capable of telling us which types of vehicles are traveling that particular roadway i.e.: passenger cars, pickups, tractor trailers, and so on. We use this information to plan our enforcement activities and to inform the public on the results when they request the trailer.

speedsentry_shildWe also employ other means of speed data collection including placing portable awareness devices in various locations around Town. Collectively we use these valuable resources to clear complaints, increase public awareness, and to simply broaden our impact leads.

Request a Speed Measuring Device for your neighborhood.