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Public Transportation Study

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What should public transit look like in Morrisville?

The Town is developing a Public Transit Plan to evaluate opportunities for local public transit service in Morrisville. Through active engagement of the community and in-depth analysis of market demands, this effort will develop recommendations for where public transit services should be located and how those services should operate.

This effort will include a detailed evaluation of different transit service options, ranging from traditional fixed-route shuttle service to on-demand service, and potential partnerships with app-based ride-hailing companies. This comprehensive evaluation of service options will include a cost-benefit analysis, ensuring that the proposed public transit solution is the most effective and efficient option for the Morrisville community.

Morrisville Transit Study Website November Timeline

The study team has produced three scenarios for potential public transportation service in Morrisville. Each scenario illustrates a different service model, or different types of ways to provide public transportation. These scenarios are:

  • Fixed Route: Fixed-route public transportation service operates along a fixed path with a set schedule. Customers access the service at designated stops, which are located along the fixed path. This service is very consistent, but does not provide service outside of the designated path.   
  • Demand Response: Demand-response public transportation, sometimes called Dial-A-Ride, does not operate along a fixed route. Instead, customers within a certain geographic area may call to request a pickup at any location. This service is very flexible, but limits the consistency associated with fixed-route service. 
  • Node-Based Shuttle: A node-based shuttle is a hybrid of fixed-route service and demand-response service. Trips only serve designated nodes, but trips can be scheduled by on-demand request from customers. This service provide a balance between the flexibility of demand-response service and the consistency of fixed-route service.

After two Joint Town Council/Planning and Zoning Board Work Sessions and several public outreach events, the Town Council accepted the Public Transportation Study Report at their meeting on October 22nd.  To view the Study Report, click here.

 Recommended Service Map

Transit Study Recommended Service Map



Past Events

  • Kick-Off Information & Feedback Session
    March 25, 4:30 - 6 pm at Town Hall (100 Town Hall Drive)
  •  Morrisville Music in the Park
    May 16, 5:30 - 7 pm at Church Street Park (5800 Cricket Pitch Way)
  • Senior Friday
    May 17, Cedar Fork Community Center (1050 B Town Hall Drive)
  • Meetings with Area Transit Agencies (GoRaleigh, GoTriangle, GoCary)
    May 17
  • Triangle Area Hindu Temples Health Fair
    May 17
  •  Morrisville SpringFest
    May 18, 4 - 9 pm on Town Hall Drive (near Treybrooke)
  • Wake Tech RTP Campus
    May 21
  •  Public Transportation Service Scenarios Information and Feedback Session
    June 24, 4:30 - 6 pm at Town Hall (100 Town Hall Drive)


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Next Steps

Town staff have been working with Town Council and Wake Transit staff since the Study Report was presented to Town Council to apply for Community Area Program funds from Wake Transit, which would allow the Town to implement the public transportation service recommended in the Study Report.  For more information about the Study or Public Transportation service in the Town, please contact Benjamin Howell, Long Range Planning Manager, at 919-463-6927 or