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In developing the physical agility test, the Morrisville Fire/Rescue Department has done its best to produce a fair assessment of physical abilities for applicants, as well as current employees. The goal of this test is to ensure all firefighters and firefighter applicants possess the physical abilities necessary to perform critical job related tasks in a safe and effective manner.

Equipment and Attire During Physical Agility Test

Individuals are required to wear the following attire and equipment during the physical assessment:

  • Athletic shorts (no cut-offs)
  • Athletic shoes (tennis / running shoes or similar)
  • Athletic shirt (t-shirts okay, no tank tops or cut-offs)
  • Additional 25 pounds added during stair climb 
  • 50 pound approved weight vest (provided at test site)
  • Utility or extrication gloves (provided at test site)
  •  Hard hat (provided at test site)


Description of Physical Agility Test

This physical agility test is designed to simulate the critical tasks of a firefighter. Approximately 85 feet has been designated between each event to allow for a mini recovery period prior to the next event. The 85 feet is marked on the pavement with arrows and you will also be guided by the proctor to ensure you stay on course. However, each of the seven events will be done consecutively without stopping, and is designed to challenge your aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. This is a timed assessment and your time will begin when you start the Stair Climb, and end following your last repetition of the Ceiling Breach and Pull.

All of the listed equipment above must be worn during the assessment and each individual must complete the test within the prescribed period of time (10 minutes and 10 seconds). If an individual has not completed all of the events in their entirety within the prescribed time period, the proctor will stop the individual and the assessment will be concluded. This constitutes a failure and the individual will be disqualified. In addition, the faster an individuals' time is completing the test, the higher the score assigned for that particular aspect of the application process (i.e. 10 minutes equals 70%, anything under 6:30 equals 100% of possible points).

After all seven events have been completed in succession, the timer stops and the test is concluded. Your proctor will assist you in removing the 50-pound weight vest, helmet, and gloves. Remember there are other individuals testing, so you will be advised where an appropriate rest and rehab area has been designated.

Video Demonstration of Agility Test