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Vial of Life

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Morrisville Fire/Rescue Vial of LIFE Program

The Vial of LIFE campaign is sponsored by the Morrisville Fire/Rescue Department to benefit the citizens and emergency responders in the Town of Morrisville. The Vial of LIFE is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. By maintaining a Vial of LIFE with your important medical information, you will assist emergency responders in administering the proper medical treatment. Make blank copies of the Medical Information form or print additional copies for other people living at your residence. Also, any time information needs to be updated, fill out a new form. The Vial of LIFE consists of a pill bottle and a Vial of LIFE Medical Information form.

How to use the Vail of LIFE

  • Complete the Vial of LIFE Medical Information Form below. Be sure to include the date you completed the form.
  • Fold the Medical Information Form and put it back in the bottle.
  • Place the pill bottle on the top shelf of the refrigerator door where it is easily visible.

The Vial of LIFE kit is available free to the residents of the Town of Morrisville and surrounding area. Our kit is specifically designed to assist the emergency responders in our community. To get information on obtaining additional kits, please email us at

What is the Vial of LIFE?

The Vial of LIFE (Lifesaving Information for Emergencies) kit is a small plastic container that holds your vital medical information and is stored in your refrigerator. This kit enables emergency medical personnel to quickly locate helpful information regarding your medical history in a time of crisis. It is very important that you keep this information up to date, accurate, and placed in a prominent spot in your refrigerator.

Who should use the Vial of LIFE?

The Vial of LIFE is designed for everyone but is critical for people with special medical conditions such as, heart conditions, prior stroke, seizures, and respiratory conditions. This is also for people who may have a serious allergy to any medications or have any other life threatening allergies. In an emergency every minute counts. Allergies, medications and medical conditions can all have deadly consequences. For an individual with no prior medical issues, it allows our first responders to more effectively administer care since all pertinent patient information will be easily accessible. 

How do I use the Vial of LIFE?

  • Complete a Vial of LIFE form in pencil. Be sure to include the date that you completed this form.
  • Attach a recent photograph of yourself to the back page of the Vial of LIFE form and put it inside the Vial of LIFE container.
  • Place the Vial of LIFE container on the top shelf inside your refrigerator door, closest to the door handle.

Vial of LIFE Forms

Vial of LIFE Bottle Labels

Vial of LIFE Magnet Labels

Vial of LIFE Vial Insert

Why should I use the Vial of LIFE?

The Vial of LIFE program enables emergency responders, such as, firefighters, paramedics, etc. to respond quickly to an emergency situation by accessing your medical history. Emergency personnel will know to look for The Vial of LIFE in your refrigerator to help them access this Life Saving Information in an Emergency situation. If you are unconscious or unavailable to provide this important information to emergency personnel the Vial of LIFE will give this information for you. The Vial of LIFE can save lives.

Where do I get the Vial of LIFE?

You can obtain a Vial of LIFE from any one of Morrisville’s three fire stations.

Where are the Morrisville fire stations located?

Station 1 is located at 200 Town Hall Drive.

Station 2 is located at 10632 Chapel Hill Road.

Station 3 is co-located at Cary Fire Station 7 at 6900 Carpenter Fire Station Road.

How do I get a Vial of LIFE if I am not ambulatory?

If you are unable to go and pick-up a Vial of LIFE, then you can send a family member or friend on your behalf to pick one up for you. If you do not know anyone that can pick-up a Vial of LIFE for you, please call 919-463-6139 or email , so that we can further assist you.

How do I get more information about the Vial of LIFE?

If you have any other questions about the Vial of LIFE, you can contact the fire department at: 919-463-6120 or email .

Where can I get another Vial of LIFE form?

You can download from our website or you may come and pick-up an additional form at one of the Morrisville Fire Stations.

 Should I include a sample of medication in my Vial of LIFE?

Please do not include a sample of the medication you are taking in your Vial of LIFE. Write what medications you are taking as well as the dosage and how often you take your medicine.

Why do I need to fill out my Vial of LIFE form in pencil?

It is important to fill out your Vial of LIFE form in pencil, so that you can easily make changes about your medications, emergency contacts or your medical history. It is very important to keep this information current. This way you will not need a new form for every change that you have.

What do I do if my medical information changes?

Erase or cross out the old information and rewrite the new information in its place. It is not necessary to contact the fire department every time that you have to make a change on your Vial of LIFE form.

Is the Vial of LIFE used in all cities?

The Vial of LIFE program is known internationally, however it may not be available in every city. We have adopted this program specifically for the Town of Morrisville and surrounding residents.

Can I get a Vial of LIFE for a family member or friend that does not live in Morrisville?

Yes, of course! We encourage everyone to utilize this program.

What do I do if there is more than one Vial of LIFE user in the same residence?

If you have more than one person in your residence that qualifies for this program, just keep all of the forms in the same Vial. It is not necessary to have a Vial for each person. Make sure to attach a recent picture to the forms to distinguish each user.

 Why should I include a photo with my Vial of LIFE form?

It is recommended but not required to include a recent photo with your Vial of LIFE form to distinguish between users. Even if you live alone it is recommended to include a recent photo with your form just in case you happen to have guests stay in your home. By including a recent photo you can be sure that there is no confusion for emergency personnel.