Important Updates:

Call the Community Information Line at 919-463-7065 or email with non-emergency questions about issues specific to the Town of Morrisville.  Visit here for information about Safer At Home Phase 2.

Visit here for the latest information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Emergency and Safety Information

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Helpful Information

In an emergency, a level head always prevails. Educating yourself in what happens in case of an emergency is the best way to be successful.

Ready Wake!

We never know when an emergency might happen. Planning now for how you would respond will help you remain calm, think clearly, and react appropriately to any disaster scenario.

Ready Wake! is a spin-off of the Ready North Carolina campaign that provides North Carolinians with the information you need to prepare for all types of emergencies. Enter your information into our ReadyWake system to be notified by the Town in case of a disaster that affects your neighborhood or the Town as a whole.


The Vial of LIFE campaign is sponsored by the Town of Morrisville Fire/Rescue Department to benefit the citizens and emergency responders in the Town of Morrisville. The Vial of LIFE is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. By maintaining a Vial of LIFE with your important medical information, you will assist emergency responders in administering the proper medical treatment. Make blank copies of the Medical Information form or go to for a link to print additional copies for other people living at your residence. Also, any time information needs to be updated, fill out a new form. The Vial of LIFE consists of a pill bottle, refrigerator magnet, door sticker and Vial of LIFE Medical Information form.


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