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Strategic Planning

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Current Updates

In early September 2019, we will launch a new community dashboard: Morrisville PRO!   Looking for a guided tutorial on how to use the dashboard?  Click here

Morrisville PRO will allow us to:

  • Track Projects
    • Capital Projects are noted under Goal Initiatives
  • Report on objectives/initiatives/measures outlined in our plan
    • Initiative timelines and statuses, including completion rates (when known), will be noted on the drill-down initiative page
    • The reporting period (month, quarter, etc.) will be highlighted on the drill-down initiative page
  • Organize our Strategic Plan data into an easy-to-present manner for our community and staff to access and understand

It is a showcase for our Connect Morrisville Strategic Plan (click on the image above to view the full plan), with drill down ability, at-a-glance strategic plan goal information where staff, council, residents, and visitors alike, can view the work that staff and the Town are doing, highlighting where projects and items are in progress, and offering the ability to link information where appropriate.  

The design of Morrisville PRO aims to reduce scrolling and keep information to one page/screen length.  It provides active icons, dynamic design, and the ability to tie together project information with graphics and images.  Morrisville PRO provides an additional platform for data transparency which we know is important to both Town Council and our community.

Strategic Planning

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