Morrisville, North Carolina
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Current Stormwater Projects
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Kit Creek Reach 5-1 Stormwater Retrofit
 Location  Providence Place, NE corner of Mason Farm Rd. & Weaver Forest Way
 Town Contact
 Robert Patterson | | 919-463-6216
 Construction Start*
 May 31, 2016
 Construction End*
 July 8, 2016
*All dates above are approximate and may vary based on weather and other unforseen circumstances.  Inclement weather could delay the contractors schedule, however they plan to start working as soon as possible.

Background Information:

This project was identified during a watershed assessment performed by the Town in 2013.  It is part of a Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) grant that the Town was awarded in 2015 to construct and research this innovative stormwater project.  It drains to an unnamed tributary of Kit Creek, which is in the Jordan Lake Watershed.  Jordan Lake is the source for the many surrounding communities, including the Town of Morrisville.  This project will stabilize an eroded riparian buffer and stream outlet, which will in turn reduce sediment and other pollutants from making their way to Jordan Lake.  After construction is complete, the Town has partnered with NC State University to monitor the project for approximately 1 year.  The data collected will be used to help shape pollutant removal credits that the state Dept. of Environmental Quality may give for similar projects in the future.

Goals & Benefits:

  1. Install a regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) in the outfall channel of an existing dry detention basin that has experienced localized down cutting (4’ head cut) and bank erosion for the following purpose:
    1. Improve the water quality of the stormwater discharge by filtering it through the RSC and promoting groundwater infiltration;
    2. Reduce erosion occurring in the outfall channel, and
    3. Improve stability of the existing riparian buffer.
  2. Stabilize the receiving waters where the outfall channel discharges in order to:
    1. Eliminate a 4 foot head cut that is eroding the stream channel;
    2. Protect a headwater wetland located upstream of the head cut, and
    3. Ensure stream is stable so it doesn’t impact the RSC.
  3. Modify the existing BMP outlet to relieve standing water in the existing dry detention basin.

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