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Morrisville Parkway Grade Separation Project Frequently Asked Questions
Why and where is Morrisville Parkway closed?

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has closed Morrisville Parkway between Crabtree Crossing Parkway and Bristol Creek Drive/Quail Fields Court (Park West Village Entrance) to complete work on a grade separation of the railroad over Morrisville Parkway.  The project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, and the Town has little control over the project.  Even though construction did not begin until 2014, the project has been in development since 2010.  The total estimated cost of the project is over $16 Million.

How long is the closure expected to last?

The closure will last approximately 6 months, with the road expected to be re-open in early August 2016. 

Is there a detour in place?

NCDOT has a signed detour directing the travelling public to use Davis Drive, High House Road, Cary Parkway and NC 54 to detour around the closed section of Morrisville Parkway.

Why is the detour route so long?

The detour route was specifically chosen because it utilizes four-lane roads, which are expected to better handle the increased traffic than other roads in the area.

Why does the road have to be closed for so long?  Can NCDOT not keep a portion of the road open while the construction is taking place?

The reason the road has to be closed for 6 months is to allow NCDOT and the railroad to complete the work necessary to finish the grade separation safely.  During the closure period, the railroad will be moving the trains onto the new bridge that has been constructed and closing the temporary at-grade crossing on Morrisville Parkway, and NCDOT will be reconstructing Morrisville Parkway under the new railroad bridge.  Having the road closed during this time also improves the safety of the workers on the project, and removes the danger of having cars crossing the railroad tracks while the railroad is completing its work.

What will the road look like once the project is complete?

Once the project is complete, Morrisville Parkway will have four lanes travelling under the railroad bridge, with an 8-foot wide sidewalk on the south side of the road and a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the north side of the road.  In addition, cars will no longer have to stop for trains, which will reduce travel delays on the roadway.  The intersection of Crabtree Crossing Parkway and Morrisville Parkway will also be fully-signalized and have pedestrian crosswalks and signals on all four corners at the conclusion of the project.

Are the businesses on Morrisville Parkway (between NC 54 and the railroad tracks) and in Park West Village affected?

All businesses in the area are still open and accessible during the closure, and Bristol Creek Drive is still accessible from Morrisville Parkway.  For most of the time of the closure, the businesses on Morrisville Parkway will be accessible from NC 54.  For a short time near the end of the closure (July/August 2016), the businesses between the railroad and NC 54 will only be accessible from Davis Drive.

What is Morrisville doing to address the increased traffic and congestion during the closure?

The Town is working with NCDOT to monitor the traffic on area roads during the closure, and make adjustments when possible to signage.  The Town is also working with the Town of Cary, who maintains and operates many of the traffic signals in Morrisville, to monitor the signals and make adjustments as needed to keep traffic moving through the area.  Morrisville is also exploring the possibility of adding one or more cameras at certain signals in Town to better help Cary monitor certain areas.

What can I do to help ease traffic congestion?

We suggest residents consider changing their regular routes to school or work to avoid the area, or if possible, consider travelling at a different time – area roads are most congested between 7am and 9am in the morning, and between 4pm and 6pm in the evening.  Another option is to try carpooling, join a vanpool, or use transit if it is available.  You can sign up for carpools and vanpools, as well as view area transit routes, online at

What do I do if I have a specific concern about traffic in the area (including through area residential neighborhoods), such as speeding, tractor trailer traffic or other concerns?    

Citizens are encouraged to submit a request through the Town’s online Request Tracker.  To submit a request, go to, and click on one of links under Traffic/Transportation.  You can also call (919) 463-6188 or email or .

Can the Town post signs to restrict traffic in area neighborhoods, or increase Police presence in some areas during the closure to assist with traffic control?

Most of the roads in the area of the closure are either maintained by the state or the Town, and are public roads, so the Town cannot limit who can use the roads.  As for increasing the Police presence, the Town is doing what it can, but any Police Officers stationed in the area neighborhoods during the closure also have to be able to respond to calls for service, and may not be able to stay in any one neighborhood for very long.  With that said, the Police Department is monitoring the area periodically at random times.

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