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Fiber Installations

With two fiber companies (Google Fiber and AT&T U-Verse) making installations in Morrisville, we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we have been receiving from residents.  Any specific questions that aren't addressed here should be directed to our Public Works Department at 919.463.7070.

How are neighborhoods getting notification of work? 

Both Google Fiber and AT&T are responsible for notifying residents of work being done in their neighborhood, typically through door hangers.  If you did not receive prior notice for work being done on your street contact Public Works at 919.463.7070.

What types of access does equipment and personnel have to my property? 

All equipment, material, and personnel only have access to areas that are within a right of way and easement.  Equipment, material, and personnel are only allowed on private property if approved by the property owner.  If you feel the contractor is accessing your property without permission please contact Public Works at 919.463.7070. 

What does Right of Way/Easement mean? 

A Right of Way is a portion of land that is owned by a public agency.  Examples of a right of way would be a road, sidewalk, and a greenway.  Right of Ways are also designated land used by a public utility to provide their services to a community via transmission lines.  

An Easement is a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose.  This can be on private property and/or public property and is usually an agreement or contract between the land owner and another entity.

Can neighborhoods say no to fiber installations? 

Utility companies, under the Utility Franchise Agreements, have the right to install new infrastructure and upgrade old infrastructure within the Town’s property (which is referred to as the right of way). If the neighborhood has public property, such as streets and sidewalks, the fiber installation cannot be refused. If the neighborhood is private with no public areas, residents can opt to refuse the utility installation in that neighborhood.  If you’re not sure whether your neighborhood is public or private, talk to your Homeowners Association.

Who gave them permission to come to my yard and dig? 

The State of North Carolina has granted utility providers a statutory right to locate facilities in the public right-of-way, and the courts have upheld this right. Through these rights the utility provider has to obtain an agreement with the Town, but the Town cannot deny installation within the right of way.  Each property owner is free to select its preferred telecommunications and cable provider. No provider has the right to locate facilities to your house or anywhere on your property outside of the right-of-way or a utility easement without your permission.  

Why are they digging even if I don't want internet service from them? 

The utility company is installing their main infrastructure within the Town’s right of way, which may run in the front of your yard.  Right of ways vary in width from the back of curb to the property owners property line.  The utility company does not have permission to dig outside of the right of way without the consent of the property owner.

Are they allowed to dig up part of my driveway? 

If the concrete section is within the Town’s right of way, the utility company does have permission to cut into the concrete section to located other utilities or to install their utility.  The utility company is required to replace the concrete panels.

When are they going to repair the damage from the installation? 

The utility companies are required to fix all areas back to their original state or better.  To obtain a good asphalt patching product weather above 45 degrees is necessary; the asphalt patching will not be done until there are consistently warmer temperatures.  All asphalt holes are required to be backfilled with a temporary asphalt patching until the final patching can be done.  

What is the repair process? 

Repairs are the responsibility of the fiber companies.  The Town of Morrisville has a dedicated staff person to oversee the repair process and ensure all repairs are completed to Town standards.  Due to weather, fiber companies may provide temporary grass restoration and return at a later date to plant permanent grass.  If you have concerns about repair work in your area, please contact Public Works at 919.463.7070.

The type of grass that was used to replace what was dug up is different from what I had before. What can I do about it? 

Both utility companies have been notified about the use of matching grass species and asked to address the issue moving forward by installing the correct type.  If the wrong type was installed in your yard please contact the Public Works Department and provide them with your address, contact information, and what type of grass you have.  This way the Public Works Department can contact the utility company and have them resolve the issue.

When will the work be done and when will either fiber company offer service? 

Neither utility company is willing to disclose when they will be finished with their installation nor are they willing to provide a date when service will be available to residents.

Should I call the fiber companies directly if I’m unhappy with the quality of work being done? 

Since you may not know which company is responsible for the work, please refer all questions or concerns to the Town of Morrisville’s Public Works Department 919-463-7070. Staff will help identify who is responsible and make sure any issues are addressed.

Updated on: 2/17/2016

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