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Green Challenge

The Town of Morrisville participates in the "Green Challenge," issued by the North Carolina League of Municipalities to communities who take steps to promote energy conservation and "sustainability" for the dual purposes of protecting environmental resources and promoting greater efficiencies and cost savings in the operation of local government. Morrisville is one of a growing number of communities to reach the Intermediate level in North Carolina, and the Town is currently working toward the "Advanced" level (a recognition attained by a growing number of municipalities in Wake County, including Raleigh, Cary, Garner, and Wake Forest).

2012: Efforts toward Advanced Level Recognition

Installation of renewable energy technology will earn the Town significant progress toward the Advanced Level recognition:

  • Efforts toward an initial solar energy project have been actively underway since early 2012. Click here for more information, including information on how you might get involved!

2009:  Intermediate Level Recognition

Advanced from Level One to Intermediate level by making the following progress in the areas of energy and resource conservation:

  • Community recycling program
  • Internal (Town facilities) recycling program
  • Active citizen advisory committee focusing on energy and the environment (Morrisville Environment and Recycling Committee - MERC)
  • Public Works’ "Green Fleet" policy (measuring carbon footprints of vehicles; right-sizing the fleet)
  • Newly adopted Land Use Plan that promotes mixed use development, high density around transportation nodes, and land conservation efforts
  • Tree preservation efforts, including stakeholder committee working on code amendment.

2008:  Level One Recognition

In 2008, the following “Green” issues were addressed:

  • The Town Council tasked the staff with studying possible environmental protection measures
  • The Public Works Department audited utility bills for Town facilities to evaluate relative efficiency of HVAC systems
  • The Engineering Department’s recently adopted Design and Construction Ordinance contains stormwater quantity and quality requirements designed to minimize the adverse impacts of stormwater and siltation runoff into water supplies
  • The Land Use and Transportation Plan update looks at transit-oriented development, walkable communities, and mix of residential and job centers to minimize commuting designed to promote more efficient, less energy-wasteful communities
  • Town staff has met to brainstorm alternate ways to provide Town Services in a more environmentally friendly manner

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