Morrisville, North Carolina
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Public Education and Outreach
The purpose of the public education and outreach program is to distribute educational materials to the community, conduct public outreach activities, raise and improve public awareness on the causes and impacts of stormwater pollutants and inform citizens on steps and measures they can take to help prevent stormwater pollution.

Prevent Stormwater Pollution...

"Mow high and let the clippings lie"...Don't let your lawn nutrients sleep with the fishes!

Pet Waste Outreach Program

Sign the online pet waste pledge to clean-up after your pets, and receive a free refillable pet waste bag dispenser from the Town's Stormwater division of the Engineering Department. You can find out more by looking for our brochures at your local Morrisville vet/pet shop, stopping by or calling the Town's Engineering office, or here.

Pet Waste Outreach

Resources for Homeowners & Businesses

To assist with meeting the objectives of the public education and outreach requirements the Town is a member of the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP), which runs radio and television campaigns, provides printed brochures, and maintains a website to communicate water quality and environmental information to residents within the Tar-Pamlico, Neuse, and Cape Fear River Basins. Morrisville is located in both the Neuse and Cape Fear River Basins.  Additionally, the Town distributes stormwater materials provided by CWEP, Wake County, NCDEQ, and the EPA, to residents and businesses.  Materials are also displayed in the lobby of Town Hall.

Time Lapse of Permeable Pavement Installation at Fire Sta. No.2

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