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Traffic Signals

Recent Completed Traffic Signal Projects:

Morrisville-Carpenter Road/Town Hall DriveThe Town of Morrisville, in coordination with the Town of Cary and NCDOT, has installed a new traffic signal at Morrisville-Carpenter Road and Town Hall Drive. This signal features emergency response pre-emption, which allows the Morrisville Fire Department to activate the signal at Fire Station One on Town Hall Drive to allow Fire and Rescue vehicles quick access onto Morrisville-Carpenter Road and NC 54.  The new traffic signal is accompanied by two pre-emption warning signals on Town Hall Drive that are also activated by the Fire Department.  The Town worked with the Town of Cary and NCDOT to coordinate the new signal with the existing traffic signal at NC 54 (that includes pre-emption for the railroad) to ensure proper traffic flow through both intersections.

The Town is aware of traffic back-ups at the new signal, and has been actively working with the Town of Cary and NCDOT to minimize these back-ups as much as possible.  These traffic back-ups, which primarily affects traffic heading towards NC 54 on Morrisville-Carpenter Road, are due to the lack of a left-turn lane on Morrisville-Carpenter Road (for traffic turning onto Town Hall Drive), and the requirement to keep traffic coming from Aviation Parkway from blocking the railroad crossing.  As part of the mitigation for the Morrisville Parkway Grade Separation Project, NCDOT has agreed to install left-and right-turn lanes on Morrisville-Carpenter Road at Town Hall Drive, which should help to reduce these traffic back-ups.  These turn lanes are expected to be constructed in 2014. 

Aviation Parkway/International Drive
NCDOT Division 5 was awarded Surface-Transportation Program-Direct Allocation funding to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Aviation Parkway and International Drive in 2012.  The signal was installed in Fall 2012 and is now active.  

Morrisville Contact:
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Transportation Planner
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