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Parks & Recreation Master Plan

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Master Plan Purpose

The  Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a detailed planning guide that is specifically focused on the future of parks and recreation in Morrisville.  The document strategically examines the following areas:

  • Existing community resources
  • Parks, recreation and open space criteria
  • Needs concerning parks, recreation, greenways and conservation lands 
  • Town objectives with an action plan for implementation

2006 Master Plan
As an update to the first Master Plan adopted in 2002, this document provides a foundation for understanding the park and recreation needs of the community. To accomplish this, the Master Plan was developed to:
  • Consolidate existing information
  • Accumulate and incorporate related planning efforts
  • Utilize citizen surveys, stakeholder input, and community feedback
  • Map data to determine both the existing and desired level of service related to parks, open space, and both passive and active recreation in the Town of Morrisville

Comprehensive Master Plan 2006

Park Plans
Over the last year Town Staff has been working with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Advisory Committee on updating the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  This plan is an update to the 2006 Parks, Recreation, Greenways and Open Space Comprehensive Master Plan.   All substantive ideals of the 2006 plan remained within this update.   Like any planning process, solicitation of input and feedback from the public is essential.    When staff distributed and published a needs assessment survey on the Town website, over 300 responses were received.    Overwhelmingly, participants' most preferred recreational activity is walking and hiking, which mirrors the most desired facilities, Greenways and Walking trails.  Due to the overwhelming demand for walking, hiking and bicycling, the emphasis of this plan is on the greenway system.   The plan reviews the Town’s existing facilities and the needs for new amenities.   The Parks and Recreation Master Plan Map (Appendix I) identifies the location of existing facilities and opportunities to acquire additional property for future sites.

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