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Public Involvement and Participation

The objectives of the public involvement program include providing opportunities for the public to participate in program development and implementation and to assure compliance with applicable state and local public notice requirements.

The Town adopted its stormwater ordinance as a component of the Design and Construction Ordinance on November 27, 2007, which included a public hearing process as part of the Town’s Board of Commissioners meetings. The public hearing process for the new ordinance provided the forum for the public to comment on the development of the program. Additionally, the Town eventually plans to establish public involvement programs potentially involving stream cleanups and a storm drain marking program.

Storm Drain Marking
The Engineering Department has a volunteer opportunity to help educate their community about the importance of pollution prevention with our storm drain marking. Many residents are not aware that stormwater runoff which enters the storm drains is not treated. The runoff flows directly into our creeks, rivers and lakes. This program allows volunteers to adhere watershed specific markers on storm drains to remind all of us that stormwater runoff can wash pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, litter, oil and other automobile fluids, sediment and household chemicals into our valuable creeks, rivers and lakes. 

The Engineering Department will provide you and/or your group with all storm drain marking supplies, safety equipment and instructions.

If you and/or your group are interested in volunteering in this program, please complete the volunteer form  and the Storm Drain Marking form or call Robert Patterson at 919.463.6216 or email him to schedule your storm drain marking event.

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