Strategic Planning

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Change is a constant in Morrisville. Whether it is the vibrant workforce, Connect Morrisville Markdiverse community or the evolving landscape of buildings and businesses, Morrisville continues to evolve.

The Town of Morrisville has embarked on a formal strategic planning process, known as Connect Morrisville, to help identify the most critical issues, connect them, and guide the Town for the next five years. The process is designed to be inclusive and people in all parts of the community are encouraged to participate.

Provide Input Now

Every piece of feedback is valuable and will be used in developing the Town's strategic plan, Connect Morrisville. This quick three question survey will allow you to be part of process from anywhere.

Provide Input In Person

Community members are invited to participate in workshops to help shape the future of the community during the month of January. Three sessions were held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, and a booth will be set up at the Morrisville Aquatics and Fitness Center on Wednesday, January 24, 5 - 8 p.m. and on Tuesday, January 30, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 5 - 8 p.m.

Staff will be at other Town functions throughout the winter to continue to gather input on the Town's future.

Next Steps

Input gathered from the Community Workshops, quick input booth and online surveys will be paired with the recent Town-wide Citizen Survey, a comparable Business Survey, and a survey of Town employees to provide staff and Town Council with a comprehensive look at where we are as an organization and a community.

This information will be used to develop the Town's Strategic Plan, that will include a Mission, Vision and Goals. Residents, the business community and staff will have additional opportunities to provide input during the process. Opportunities will be posted to this website and shared through a variety of outreach mechanism, including the Town’s newsletter and social media accounts, as they are scheduled.

Tell Me More!

The Strategic Planning process ties to the Town of Morrisville’s recently unveiled brand message, “Live Connected. Live Well.” The new tagline is not just about physical connections such as roads and greenways; it is also about connecting people and organizations to Town government and each other.

The Strategic Planning process is expected to take about 10 months, as detailed in the chart below. After the Strategic Plan is complete, staff will spend several additional months developing departmental work plans that align with the strategic plan.

During the Study and Analysis phase a brief survey, is being used to engage Town Council, Staff, Citizen Advisory Groups and the Business Community on their perspectives of what is most critical for Morrisville to focus on in the next five years. Residents will be asked to provide input via the Citizen Survey with the National Research Center. By asking similar questions to the respective groups, the surveys will allow for comparisons between groups. 

 Task  July 2017  August 2017  September 2017  October 2017  November-December 2017 January-February 2018  March 2018   April 2018
 Step 1: Project Initiation                
 Step 2: Study and Analysis                
 Step 3: Presentation of Findings                
 Step 4: Facilitated Sessions and Retreats                
 Step 5: Draft the Plan                
 Step 6: Town Council Approval                
 Step 7: Implementation Planning                

Questions? E-mail Assistant Town Manager Todd Wright.