Morrisville, North Carolina
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1. I purchased a recycling cart from a vendor other than the Town of Morrisville. Can I use it?
2. Solid Waste - I am a new Morrisville resident. How do I sign up for solid waste services and obtain a trash container and a recycle bin?
3. Solid Waste - Will Waste Industries pick up extra bags outside of my rolling trash container or extra recyclables outside of my recycling bin/cart?
4. Solid Waste - What do I do with my trash cart and my recycle bin or cart if I move?
5. Solid Waste - How can I remember when my trash, recycling, and yard waste will be picked up?
6. Solid Waste - Where should I place my rolling trash container and my recycle bin or cart for pick-up?
7. Solid Waste - If I have an emergency and do not get my trash or recycling to the curb for pickup, do I have any option other than waiting for the next week or sharing with a friendly neighbor?
8. Solid Waste - What do I do if either my trash, my recycling, or my yard waste was placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. but was not picked up on my scheduled day?
9. Solid Waste - What do I do if my trash container or my recycle bin is damaged or is missing?
10. Solid Waste - How can I dispose of unwanted furniture or other bulky items?
11. Household Trash - What can and cannot be thrown into my trash cart?
12. Household Trash - How do I get an additional trash cart?
13. Recycling - What can and cannot be recycled?
14. Yard Waste - What can and cannot be picked up as yard waste?
15. Yard Waste - Why isn't yard waste picked up every week?
16. Why have I not received a bill for my trash and recycling service?

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